Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Cork University Hospital

Founder of Breastfeeding For Doctors,  GP Infant Feeding Network Committee,   Hospital Infant Feeding Network Steering Group, RCEM Women in Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group

With her relentless ideas and an unbridled passion to change the world for the better, Robyn founded BFD in 2017 with the aim of taking over the world through breastfeeding (really). Apart from breastfeeding, her greatest interests lie in feminism, female leadership, advocacy for vulnerable people, playing an array of musical instruments, knitting, crochet and embroidery, and drinking a glass of chilled Australian Chardonnay. With almost limitless kindness and empathy, coupled with actual balls, she spends her day (and night) job managing the emergencies of Co Cork in Ireland as well as adoring her three beautiful children and long suffering husband (she also keeps cats).