Breastfeeding for Doctors (BFD) is an international network of doctors with personal experience of breastfeeding who provide online peer support, education and advocacy for members who are, were, or plan to be breastfeeding doctors.

This is provided through a closed Facebook group to which applicants apply for membership by agreeing to the group rules and submitting their professional medical registration details for verification.

BFD also offer related groups for doctors who formula feed, or doctors who have not personally breastfed but support partners who do.

The focus at BFD is on breastfeeding solutions to breastfeeding problems.

We recognise that formula may be a preferred or necessary option for some families, but we will look for breastfeeding solutions first and foremost.

We support the WHO recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months with the introduction of complementary foods thereafter and that ideally breastfeeding should continue until age 2 or beyond for optimal maternal and child health.

We encourage responsive parenting that promotes attachment and the sharing of evidence-based information. We welcome those who are feeding expressed or donor milk, mixed feeding, or in any other way of feeding their child some breastmilk.

We appreciate that not everyone who lactates identifies as a woman/mother, we are inclusive and welcome anyone who is (or planning to) breast/chestfeed.